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Welcome to Bailey Book-keeping and Accountancy Services.

All businesses, from start-ups to established companies, need accounting, financial and administration support.

The question is, do you have the expertise to carry out these functions yourself, keep up to date with the ever-changing taxation rules and, more importantly, is this the best way you could use your time in terms of building your business and increasing your profits?

If not, do you want to recruit and employ a number of people with expertise in management accounting, credit control, debt collection, invoicing, payroll, administration, taxation, VAT?

If you do, can you then provide cover for sickness, holidays, maternity / paternity leave?

Do you want to manage them, and provide costly space, furniture and heating for them to operate in?

There is an alternative.

Bailey Accountancy Services and Bailey Book-keeping Services can provide a complete end-to-end support to the key activities that you want your business to concentrate on – the profitable provision of goods and services to your target markets.

  • You only pay for the services that you want – no expensive overheads.
  • As your business requirements change, you can add or cease any service – you’re not locked in to any contract.
  • We employ the staff that do your work, we ensure there is always cover, we ensure that the right level of knowledge and expertise is always available to you.
  • Your time is freed up to do what you do best – focus on your core business.

Whether you are just starting up, or a well-established business, we can save you time, money and worry. Have a look at our services to see how.