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VAT can be a complex business.

  • Do you have to be registered?
  • If not, does it make financial sense for you to be registered anyway?
  • Do you import or export?
  • To EU or non-EU countries?
  • Do any of your products or services attract non-standard rates of VAT?
  • Which of your expenses qualify for a VAT reclaim?
  • Do your accounting processes recognise your net VAT position at any given time and separate the funds to meet any liability?
  • Which VAT accounting option is the best one for you?

We can manage this process for you, ensuring you avoid late payment fines and that you only pay the amount you are liable for.

If you want to manage this function yourself, we can advise on the systems and processes you need to follow. We can also check your calculations for you to ensure their accuracy.

Finally, if you are ever in the unfortunate position of facing a VAT inspection, we can assist you.